DIY Belly Butter

That cold crisp is in the air again and our skin is already asking for some nourishment as we turn on our heaters trying to stay warm. You don't have to have a baby bump in order to use this glorious body butter. But it is divine on an itchy growing belly and in postpartum. I love this recipe I found from Howland, Genevieve. The Mama Natural Week by Week Guide to Pregnancy and Childbirth, pg.242. Here is a similar recipe online . Every time after I showered I would apply when my skin was still moist and ready to soak in all the goodness. Put it everywhere! Belly, thighs, love handles, butt, and boobs because you never know where your warrior marks are going to want to show up. It's also like a little massage for you and baby:)

Okay lets get to it! Here is what you will need.

*2 tablespoons sweet almond oil

*1 teaspoon vitamin E oil

*1/4 cup raw shea butter

*1/4 cup raw cocoa butter

*2 tablespoons rosehip oil

*1/4 cup coconut oil

*2 teaspoons jojoba oil

*20 drops of an essential oil you enjoy (Lavender has beneficial properties for the skin)