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In- Person Birth Doula Support

in Gillette, WY and surrounding areas

Free Consultation

Consults are a great way to see if I’ll be a good match for you and your birth team! We’ll spend time to get to know each other, answer any questions you may have and provide an overview of how I can serve you and your family.

Phone, Text & Email Support

I offer responsive support throughout your pregnancy. Please feel free to contact me anytime!

During Labor

As soon as you feel my support is needed, I will join you. I offer continuous support throughout your entire labor, birth and one to two hours following the arrival of your little one. If desired I can capture beautiful images throughout the birth, so you can treasure those special first moments. 

Baby's First Feeding Support

Initial breastfeeding support is  provided immediately after the birth, if desired.

1-2 Prenatal Visits

We will discuss your expectations and options for birth as well as assist you in creating a birth plan. We’ll talk about your goals, desires, and any potential fears that you may have for your upcoming experience. We can discuss options that you may face in the coming weeks, during and just after the birth of your baby. We’ll also discuss pain management options as well as positioning! As your doula, I truly want to do my best to provide as much information as I can to make you feel completely confident in your choices. Prenatals are a fantastic time to get comfortable with each other as you prepare for such a life changing experience!

Postpartum Follow-up Visit

I provide one postpartum visit, one to two weeks after the birth of your baby. It's a time for whatever you are needing. To discuss the birth, give you your pictures, for you to take some time for self-care or I can provide some light house duties.


$450 as a non-refundable retainer fee once contract is signed | $450 due after final postpartum visit

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