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NEW Maternity Unit at Campbell County Health - Gillette WY

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

Can we get an amen for the new OB unit at Campbell County Health in Gillette, WY! I want to show you an example of one of the new Labor/Delivery/Recovery/Postpartum rooms. It is so much nicer to be able to have one room your entire stay. Before the new OB unit there were labor/delivery rooms and then they moved you to a separate recovery/postpartum room. The new space is modern, roomier, and a lot more comfortable compared to the old unit.

For more information in regards to the new space or information that will be helpful if having your baby at CCH visit:

Prenatal classes are offered at the hospital and I would highly recommend you attend one if you are pregnant and planning to have your baby here, you can also get a tour of the new OB unit.

Prenatal Class at Campbell County Health

First and third Thursday of every month 7-9 pm Free, two-session class for first-time moms in their seventh or eighth month of pregnancy and their support person. Topics include anatomy, normal labor and delivery, breathing and relaxation, pain management and anesthesia during labor, Cesarean birth and a tour of the OB/Nursery/Labor and Delivery areas of CCMH.

I took these pictures when staying for the birth of my daughter on 2/7/2020.

My husband and baby girl!

Mini fridge/freezer, it’s so nice to have in your room.

This is seating and folds out into a bed. My husband said it was fairly comfortable, but the windows were drafty. I would recommend your partner bring their own pillow/blanket.

Hospital bed controls.

Hospital bed and rolling bassinet.

Bathroom and shower. I really enjoyed the shower heads in the bathroom and shower area to help clean down there.

Nice big tub if you would like to labor in the tub or bathe afterwards.

Shower area.

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