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Personal Recap of my pregnancy up to 26 weeks...

First off, let me start by saying all pregnancy's are different and your experience will most likely be different than mine.

I found out I was pregnant after taking the third pregnancy test (the other two tests results were unclear and cheap quality). I had a feeling I was pregnant before taking the test, mainly because my energy levels were unusual.

My first trimester was a little rough. Shortly after finding out I was pregnant I felt like I was getting sick and had a painful lymph node in my neck that lasted about a week. I’ve gotten these in the past but never lasting this long.

I had no idea how far along I was in my pregnancy but I was nauseous every evening and felt the need to sleep all the time. Some things I did to try and combat the nausea was eat small/frequent meals and snacks. If I let myself get hungry the nausea was a lot worse. I also took a Vitamin B6 supplement and continued to worked out weekly.

A friend and I had a trip planned for months to Dallas, TX. We went on our trip and she was one of the first people to know the big news. We had an awesome trip and overall I felt fairly good.

When I got back from Dallas I had my first OBGYN appointment on July 23rd. According to the ultrasound taken at that appointment I was 12 weeks along and my due date was February 5th.

I finally started getting my energy back right after the first trimester and the nausea was gone as well. I was also craving anything sour, especially lemons and pickles.

Onto a little recap of the second trimester and my experience thus far. I started to feel my pelvic floor getting weaker and this was very apparent when I did jumping jacks or sneezed. I told my doctor about my concerns and she recommended I see a pelvic floor specialist. I am so glad I did (more on this in another blog post). I continued to workout, eat healthy for the most part and always stayed hydrated.

After a while I began to experience very low back/glute pain. Again my doctor recommended I go to a physical therapist. In that appointment I received dry needling to loosen my tight muscles and a serola belt to wear to help support my hips.

Some additional things I am doing to combat my back pain is eating an anti-inflammatory diet, stretching daily, and continuing to work out.

We are so excited and blessed to have a little one on the way... pregnancy is an amazing time and so fleeting. I’m am embracing it all, the good and the not so fun times.

I’d love to know what your favorite and your least favorite thing about being pregnant was/ is!?

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