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What to Pack for the Hospital When Having a Baby!

When it comes to packing for the hospital take into account how many days you think you will be there and what will make you feel good and as comfortable as possible. I like to keep it somewhat minimal and easy. I packed my items into a carry-on luggage bag (ain't nobody got no time to lug around a duffle bag).

Here is what I personally packed to take to the hospital for my second baby. Hope it helps!

NOTE: if their is an asterisks * next to the item it’s what I actually ended up using while at the Campbell County Memorial Hospital in Gillette WY.

1.* Slippers (or flip flops)- I would not recommend walking around barefoot in the hospital. The floors can be kind of gross no matter how often they clean them.

2. *Warm Socks- You can be hot one moment and cold the other, it's nice to have the option.

3. *Birthing Gown- Not necessary at all. The hospital provides you with a gown and expect it to probably get dirty during birth. But I thought this one was cute!

4. *Nursing bras and undies- nice to have when guest are around and to get used to using cause your girls are going to get huge!

5. *Travel-Sized Toiletries- more details in the picture below

6. Robe- Nice to have when guests are around or if walking the halls

7. *Headphones- When I am in labor I enjoy listening to calming music/sounds and to cancel out the sounds of a hospital and other distractions.

8. *PJ's - Comfortable t-shirt and sweat pants for me

9. *My "going home" outfit- I choose tight over the belly leggings to hold everything in and a tank and warm cozy cardigan.

10. *Chargers- for phone and camera

11. *Comfortable "clothes" -to wear during the day, don't worry about getting fancy. You just had a baby!

12. Knee pad- Totally optional. Last time I was in labor I was on hands and knees a lot and a knee pad would have been so nice!

All the Toiletries! This is all about personal preference. Here is what I am packing:

13. *Tooth brush

14. *Hair Ties

15. *Deodorant

16. *Shampoo and Conditioner

17. *Chapstick - Hospital are usually very dry!

18. *Body Lotion and Soap

19. Ear plugs - Just incase, I'll have them

20. *Nipple butter- your nipples will most likely be sore and some relief is nice, the hospital can provide some too. I just prefer this brand

21. *Facial moisturizer

22. Facial spray- Water with your favorite essential oil in a small spray bottle (feels refreshing during labor and afterwards)

23. *More lotion!

24. Facial towel- I personally like this so it's going with

25. *Hair brush

I most likely won't be taking any makeup but if it makes you feel more human and good....go for it!

26. *Snacks- I am taking dates and ginger chews. Other ideas are nuts, jerky, fruits, veggies or chips.

27. Birth plan- I try to keep my birth plan simple and easy to read at a glance. Note: my labor was extremely fast so didn’t have time to even think about it

28. *Portable sound machine- I am so excited to try this little beauty. I personally don't sleep well without a sound machine and maybe the newborn babe will like it too. It's so small and the sound is great! Found on Amazon- Adaptive Sound Technologies Lectrofan and Bluetooth

29. *Eye mask- to block out any unwanted light

30. *Nipple Shield- the hospital will provide you with this if you need. I just brought my own:) You might not need to use these at all. I just did with my first babe. Note: just used once, baby got the hang of feeding

31. *Pillow and Distinguished Pillow case- I like to sleep with my pillow! You want to make sure you don't forget it when leaving so put on a pillow case that stands out.

32. DIY back massager- incase I will need it during labor. It is simply two tennis balls tied in a panty hose. Not the pretties thing but it feels good!

Stuff for the Baby.

Honestly, you don't really need to bring much for your baby. The hospital will provide everything for you. Unless you prefer a certain type of diaper/wipe. Otherwise mostly just a going home outfit and car seat/ car seat cover is necessary.

Here is what I packed for my little baby bundle. We aren't finding out the gender so I brought boy and girl outfits and swaddles/blankets.

33. Boy gender - swaddle and blanket, mostly to use for pictures

34. Boy outfit - hat and socks

35. *Girl outfit- hat and socks

36. Boy gender- swaddle and blanket, mostly to use for pictures

37. *Cuddly- for pictures

38. *Letter Board Sign - again for pictures

39. *A bag to put it all into!

40. * Not pictured but I also took My Breast Friend nursing pillow. Seriously the best nursing pillow. I like it a lot better than the Boppy Pillow for feeding.

I will of course be bringing my phone, camera, and wallet.

Stuff for your Partner

Let him pack his own bag. You have enough to worry about!

Stuff for your other kids (if applicable)

Our daughter is going to be staying with family till she comes to visit at the hospital, pack what you know they will need.

Other Items to consider packing:

  • Personal vitamins or medications (prenatal vitamin, stool softener, and Motrin can be provided by the hospital or you can bring your own)

  • Essential oils or other calming items- the hospital has birth balls but bring whatever makes you feel good. Your doula can also bring these types of items.

  • Entertainment- you could be waiting. So bring a magazine or laptop etc. if you desire.

I hope this was a huge help in deciding what to pack for the hospital! Don't stress about it too much! You've got this mama!

Gain Peace and Power Over Your Birth!


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