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Yoga for the Bump & Beyond

Yoga not only physically relieves women of the aches and pains associated with these 9 months, but also offers a sense of support, a fun activity, and most importantly a way to calm your mind. And helps with labor! I personally did yoga throughout my first pregnancy and I know for a fact it helped my mind and body during pregnancy and labor. I am practicing yoga with my second baby and I notice when I don’t practice, my lower back pain always gets worse or comes back.

Unfortunately, to-date there is nowhere in Gillette, WY that specifically teaches pre-natal and/or postpartum yoga. But don’t let this prevent you from practicing... you can attend any yoga class and just make modifications to accommodate your growing belly.

Prenatal tips before you get started:

* Listen to your body! mmmkk

* Keep your feet at least hip-width apart in all standing and seated poses.

* No twisting postures (if you do keep them incredibly light)

* No inverting during your first trimester.

*Use only gentle backbends during your third trimester to protect your inner abs.

Below are some of my personal favorite pre-natal yoga poses, that can be done in the comfort of your own home. Move and do what feels good!

Namaste, you beautiful mama!!

Peace, love & light

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